Tiger Barb Care Sheet

Tiger BarbTropical Fish Information
SizeUp to 2.75 inches or 7 cm
Fish HardinessFairly easy to keep
Water Temperature68 to 78.8°F or 20 to 26°C
Water pH6.0 to 8.0
Water Hardness5 to 20 pH
Peaceful or AggressiveCan be considered as aggressive due to its very active nature
Number of same species in tankMinimum of five or more, more is better
Community SpeciesYes, when selecting tank mates carefully
SexesMales are more slender built with brighter colors than the paler females with more rounded bodies
StrataAll, but mainly middle
FoodFlake food, blood worms and brine shrimp
BreedingFairly easy to breed
Breeding temperature77 to 78.8°F or 25 to 26°C
Other namesSumatra Barb
Scientific namePuntius tetrazona
Lifespan5 years

Ideal Conditions For The Tiger Barb


This another species from my tropical fish index. The most common species have a silvery orange to brown main body color with four black stripes running vertically over the body. The fins are reddish in color. Other popular varieties are the Green and Albino Barb.


These little fish are very very active and needs to be kept in schools of at least five or more. The reason being that when kept in smaller numbers they are not busy enough and will then nip very aggressively at other species.


They mainly prefer the middle parts of the aquarium but they also explore the top and bottom parts.


This Tropical Fish can be part of a community aquarium setup but care needs to be taken not to put fish with long or large fins with them in the same fish tanks. Angelfish or Guppies for instance will not be a good idea. Rather stick to other busy bodies like Giant Danios or Leopard Danios and Platies or Mollies.
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