Amano Shrimp Care Sheet

Amano ShrimpProfile and Description
SizeUp to 2 inches or 5 cm
OriginJapan, Korea and Taiwan
Natural habitatFreshwater streams near to the sea
Shrimp HardinessEasy to keep
Water Temperature62.5 – 80.5 ºF or 17 - 27 ºC
Water pH6.0 – 7.5 pH
Water Hardness5 - 10 dH
StrataMostly bottom
Peaceful or AggressivePeaceful
Number of same species in one aquariumFour or more
Minimum tank size0.5m² of bottom surface for every twenty shrimp
Community SpeciesYes
Compatible withSmaller sized peaceful fish that will not harm them
SexesFemales have a larger abdomen and are longer than males which is almost half the length
FoodThey are algae eaters but will also eat food waste and dead fish. Supplement with flakes or pellets
BreedingNot very easy to breed, brackish water is needed after the larvae have hatched, the brackish water needs to return to freshwater slowly as the shrimp grow up
Breeding temperature62.5 – 80.5 °F or 17 - 27 °C
Other namesYamato Shrimp, Algae Eating Shrimp, Takashi Amano Shrimp
Scientific nameCaridina Japonica
Other Scientific namesCaridina Multidentata
Lifespan2 - 3 years

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