Clown Loach Care Sheet

Clown LoachProfile and Description
SizeUp to 6inches or 15cm in aquariums. Can grow to double that size in nature but rarely in captivity
Fish HardinessFairly easy to keep
Water Temperature75.2 to 86°F or 24 to 30°C
Water Ph6.0 to 8.0 pH
Water Hardness5 to 12 dH
Peaceful or AggressivePeaceful
Number of same species in tankFour or more
Community FishYes
SexesNot easy to determine, the tail fin of males is larger and the ends of the fin points inward
StrataMiddle to bottom
FoodFlakes, Bottom Feeder Pellets and Bloodworms
BreedingDifficult to breed
Scientific nameChromobotia macracanthus
Lifespan15 years and older

Ideal Clown Loach Conditions


The Clown Loach is another species from my tropical fish index and one of the more impressive loaches. Their main body color is orange with three thick black bands running vertically over the body. Their caudal fin and pectoral fins are red and their dorsal fin is black.


They have a habit of lying still on their side which can give the impression that something is wrong with them. This is just a habit so nothing to be concerned about. They prefer to stay at the bottom of fish tanks.

Peaceful, Community

Although they are very active fish they are peaceful and does very good in a community aquarium setup. Although a hardy fish in general they are sensitive to chemicals like snail killers for instance. When treating their tank it is better to apply only half of the recommended dosage. 
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