Albino Red Fin Shark Care Sheet

Albino Red Fin SharkProfile and Description
SizeUp to 6 inches or 15 cm
Fish HardinessRelatively easy to care for
Water Temperature71 - 81 ºF or 22 - 27 ºC
Water pH6.0 - 8.0 pH
Water Hardness2 - 15 dH
Peaceful or AggressiveAggressive
Number of same species in one aquariumOnly one, otherwise six or more if you have a large enough aquarium
Community FishIt is possible when carefully choosing tank mates
SexesMales are smaller than females
StrataLower to middle
FoodFlake food, algae and supplement with bloodworms
BreedingDifficult to breed
Other namesAlbino Rainbow Shark, Albino Red Finned Shark, Albino Ruby Shark
Scientific nameEpalzeorhynchos munense
Lifespan6 - 8 years

Description and Profile of the Albino Red Fin Shark


This Shark has an elongated body with a pointed snout and a forked tail. Because it is the albino variety of this fish the main body color is a white to yellow gold. All the fins are as the name suggests reddish to orange in color.


This is a territorial and aggressive fish especially towards its own specie and also towards the very closely related Red Tail Shark and the not so closely related Bala Shark.

Either keep one in a aquarium or if you have a large enough aquarium you can keep them in a shoal of six or more. Even in a shoal they will show aggression amongst each other but it is better managed.

Community Species

They can be kept in a community aquarium with certain fish species. Species that can be kept with them include Barbs, Danios, Rainbows and of course Loaches, Plecos and Corys.


They will dwell mostly in the lower to middle regions of the aquarium. They do best in a setup where they have hiding place in the form of plants and caves.


Feed them a staple food of plant based flake food and supplement with freeze dried or frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms. They will also appreciate live foods.


Breeding this Shark successfully is not very commonly known. In a very large aquarium with one male and one female, regular water changes, enough plant cover and hiding places, spawning might be possible.

Other names and Lifespan

The Albino Red Fin Shark is commonly known by a couple of names which includes Albino Red Finned Shark, Albino Rainbow Shark, Albino Ruby Shark and Albino Rainbow Shark Minnow. They can reach a age of six to eight years.
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