Chinese Algae Eater Care Sheet

Chinese Algae EaterTropical Fish Information
SizeUp to 11 inches or 28 cm in very large aquariums
Fish HardinessEasy to keep
Water Temperature73.4 to 84.2°F or 23 to 29°C
Water pH6.0 to 8.0
Water Hardness5 to 20 dH
Peaceful or AggressivePeaceful when still young but it becomes more aggressive as it grows older
Number of same species in tankOnly one
Community SpeciesYes
SexesNot possible to determine
FoodFeeds on algae in the tank, supplement its diet with bottom feeder pellets. It will also eat Flake food that sinks to the bottom
BreedingNot possible
Other namesGold Algae Eater, Sucking Loach
Scientific nameGyrinocheilus aymonieri
Lifespan5 years and older

Ideal Chinese Algae Eater Conditions


The Chinese Algae Eater is another species from my tropical fish index. They do not have the typical fish shape but is rather shaped like a cylinder tapering down towards the tail. The main body color is a pale white to gold with a irregular brown stripe running along the side of the body. They are also found in a Gold variety.

They have a very peculiar way of resting on rocks or ornaments or plants. It almost looks like they are holding on to it with their pectoral and pelvic fins which are very large in relation to its body size.


They prefer to stay on the bottom of the tank and also sticks to the sides with its suckermouth when eating algae.


They are peaceful fish when they are still young but grows really fast and becomes more aggressive with time. They do however settle down as they age especially when they have their own cave or some sort of hiding place.


They can be put into a community aquarium setup provided that they have their own hiding place.
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