False Julii Corydoras Care Sheet

False Julii CorydorasAquarium Fish Care
SizeUp to 2.5 inches or 6 cm
OriginSouth America, Amazon river basin
Natural habitatSlow moving parts of rivers
Fish HardinessEasy to keep
Water Temperature70 - 84 ºF or 21 - 29 ºC
Water pH6.0 - 8.0 pH
Water Hardness2 - 20 dH
Peaceful or AggressivePeaceful
Number of same species in one aquariumFour or more, more is better
Minimum tank size10 gallons or 40 liters for every group of four fish
Community FishYes
Compatible withBasically any other fish except the really aggressive species
SexesMales are more slender built than the wider more plump females, especially when viewed from the top
FoodOmnivorous - Small sinking pellets, flake food and live or frozen blood worms or brine shrimp that sinks to botom
BreedingNot very easy to breed
Breeding temperature70 - 84 °F or 21 - 29 °C
Other namesThree Stripe Corydoras, Three Line Corydoras, Leopard Corydoras
Scientific nameCorydoras Trilineatus
Other Scientific namesCorydoras episcopus, Corydoras dubius
Lifespan5 years

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