Flying Fox Fish Care Sheet

Flying Fox FishAquarium Fish Care
SizeUp to 6 inches or 15 cm
Fish HardinessEasy to keep
Water Temperature72 - 82 ºF or 22 - 28 ºC
Water pH6.0 - 7.5 pH
Water Hardness2 - 12 dH
Peaceful or AggressivePeaceful
Number of same species in one aquariumOne or more
Community FishYes
SexesNot really possible to determine
FoodAlgae inside the aquarium, supplement with sinking tablets and/or flake food and vegetables
BreedingNot known to be bred in a home aquarium
Breeding temperatureUnknown
Other namesSiamese Flying Fox
Scientific nameEpalzeorhynchos kalopterus
Lifespan10 years

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