Threadfin Rainbowfish Care Sheet

Threadfin RainbowfishProfile and Description
SizeUp to 2 inches or 5 cm
OriginSouth East Asia and Northern Australia
Natural habitatSwamps and slow flowing streams with heavy vegetation
Fish HardinessEasy to keep
Water Temperature73 - 86 ºF or 23 - 30 ºC
Water pH6.0 – 8.0 pH
Water Hardness5 - 15 dH
StrataTop and middle
Peaceful or AggressivePeaceful
Number of same species in one aquariumSix or more, more is better, try and keep one male for every two females
Minimum tank size12 gallons or 40 liters for every group of six fish
Community FishYes
Compatible withOther Rainbowfish, Cory Cats, small Plecos, Glass Catfish, peaceful Tetras, Hatchetfish, peaceful Rasboras, Halfbeaks and Loaches
SexesMales are more colorful with longer and more prominent fins than the females
FoodOmnivore - flake food, live or frozen daphnia, blood worms or brine shrimp. Food particles needs to be fairly small
BreedingNot very easy to breed
Breeding temperature79 - 86 °F or 26 - 30 °C
Other namesFeatherfin Rainbowfish
Scientific nameIriatherina werneri
Other Scientific namesNon-known
Lifespan4 years

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