Convict Cichlid Care Sheet

Convict CichlidsAquarium Care
SizeUp to 3.9inches or 10cm
Fish HardinessEasy to care for
Water Temperature68-86°F or 20-30°C
Water Ph6.0-8.0 pH
Water Hardness8-20 dH
Peaceful or AggressiveVery aggressive especially during spawning. Will even pick a fight with larger fish
Number of same species in tankTwo or more
Community FishNot really but when in the same tank with other cichlids their urge to fight can be controlled by adding some Barbs, Danios, Mollies or other small, active fish.
SexesOlder males develop a bump on the forehead. Males are generally larger with longer pointed fins. Females have a orange to yellowish belly.
StrataMiddle to bottom
FoodCichlid pellets, flake food, blood worms, brine shrimp, and live foods
BreedingVery easy to breed
Breeding temperature80-86°F or 26.6-30°C
Other namesZebra Cichlid
Scientific nameArchocentrus nigrofasciatus
Lifespan10 years

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